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Best Lomyu Reviews

Thank you Katie and staff! They had us on the road again as quickly as they could (5 days including the weekend and part waiting time) and saved us almost $300 compared to the dealer. Customer service, communication, and workmanship are all fantastic. #5*

Minton was courteous, friendly, professional and excellently performed necessary upgrades to the rear suspension of our 2021 Class C RV. The problem was the back of our RV was 4-6" lower than the front and was causing issues to the undercarriage when encountering low clearance scenarios. After ordering the parts, they were able to get the whole computerized airbag system on and alloe us to be on our way without any delays or hiccups. As a traveler just passing through we were very happy and satisfied to get the work performed in a timely manner so we could go on our merry way with confidence.

I purchased a 2005 Coachmen Spirit of America travel trailer from this business over two years ago through my brother-in-law who was an employee at the time. I also paid them additional money to have services and repairs done to the camper to make it usable and/or more enjoyable (i.e. standard service, minor misc. repairs, and a new awning installed). At the time of purchase, I WAS made aware it was a salvage title and I was fine with this. After the work was completed (totaling around $2,200) I was given the title and a bill of sale and was told to take it to the DMV and they would transfer it into my name. But when I got to the DMV they informed me the title status showed SALVAGE and in order to transfer it to my name it had to show as REBUILT. Until Minton corrects this, they will not move it into my name and issue me a registration tag. I took the title back to them and was assured they would get this problem corrected. I learned that to get it changed to rebuilt, the State of Alabama has to do an inspection on it to confirm it is road-worthy. Unfortunately, all of this occurred right before the COVID-19 pandemic began and this is what I was initially told as being the cause of all delays. From then until now I have been given excuse after excuse as to why they have not been able to get me a title, mainly putting all blame on the titling office in Montgomery. I have since spent several thousand dollars as well as a few hundred personal man hours remodeling this camper and it resembles very little the camper I bought back in early 2020. I have also contacted the main titling offices in Montgomery. In addition to confirming they have not received ANY title paperwork from Minton RV for the trailer with my VIN, there is THERE IS NO REASON WHY THEY CANNOT SUBMIT THE PAPERWORK to get the title status corrected and issued to me. Minton has since quit returning my calls and texts. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and have begun “thinking outside the box” on alternate means of getting this issue resolved. To be clear, the MAINTENANCE WORK they did to the camper when it was first purchased was satisfactory and I have no complaints. But I would strongly urge anyone wanting to PURCHASE ANYTHING from this business to go elsewhere!


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